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Dyed in the Wool

Music: Dyed in The Wool - Circa Survive
Characters: Sherlock & John, Jim
Spoilers: Study to Reichenbach
Pairing: Sherlock and John, if it floats your boat.

Title not intended as pun but do take as such.

Dark Come Soon - Sherlock BBC.

I guess I should also post here for archiving purposes.

On Tumblr here, download here

 Replying to comments, one month later.

/like a boss

I figured out how to be happy - ASW


I wonder if I'll ever stop. Visit A Softer World to see the originals, and also Could Be Dangerous where most of the screencaps are from. All that have been posted to my Tumblr have follow through links. Once again, thanks for looking, hope you enjoy, and I always love to hear what you think!

But I can't tell you. Collapse ) (x

Jim'll Fix It!

Found this really old file. THIS IS TRAGIC.
Knicked from [info]r_scribbles horrible enabler

Give me a character and I will give you my:

~ OTP for them
~ Runner-up pairing
~ Honorable mention(s)
~ Crack pairing(s)
~ 'ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't / 'ship I like that everyone else seems to hate



Ohhhhh no not Sher and Leslie again! Comments always appreciated.

Download here. Ah Youtube, blocking my creativity (or lack thereof) in a number of countries since 2010.

Will do A Softer World roundup tomorrow, as well.

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 I've had to disable anonymous commenting for the moment because the amount of spam I was getting was phenomenal.

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